Wednesday, October 26, 2011

OOTD 10/26/11 Layers, Layers, Layers

(striped shirt: Forever 21; denim button up: Zara; army jacket: Last Kiss; skirt: Target; tights: DKNY;  boots: Enzo Angiolini)

I was inspired by Rebecca's outfit post yesterday (and the fact that I woke up freezing) and decided to try out the multiple layer outfit myself. What I love about layering is that you can put together a bunch of clothes that in your mind would look hideous together, but once you put them on the outfit just works. Layers are also great for winter because you're all warm and toasty when you leave the house and once you get that heat flash you just peel off the layers. 

After peel #1

After peel #2 
Tied the second layer around my waist like little kids do when they're running around the park; or like  Man Repeller does


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