Monday, October 24, 2011


The long awaited arrival of my fluorescent pink Cambridge Satchel has finally come! I originally ordered the satchel back in July, but since I wasn't home that week to sign for the bag, they sent it back England. I was so excited to have the perfect pop of color to add to my summer wardrobe so it was a major bummer not to have it. But after sorting out the situation with the very friendly people of Cambridge Satchel Company, they sent it back to me overnight and it is finally HERE! Safely in my arms! And blindingly neon! The box should come with a warning to put on some sunglasses before opening the package because the pictures on the website really do not do the color justice (these pictures don't do the color much justice either). I'm so excited to add it to my fall/winter wardrobe for the perfect burst of cheerful brightness during the dark winter days. Ahh there's nothing like a  perfect new statement piece...

- Leetal

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