Sunday, February 5, 2012

Big Blue

In honor of the Giants winning the Superbowl, I've decided to feature some of my favorite "blue" looks. The first two are from Kenzo's Spring/Summer 2012 collection. Kenzo has easily become one of my favorite labels, from the mix and match of silhouettes to the vibrant color combinations. And you all know how much I love color (after all, I am the color to Rebecca's neutral). The third picture is from street style photographer, Lee Oliveira's blog. Im a sucker for big, you-shouldn't-go-there sweaters and this one is no exception- I'd love to have it hanging in my closet. The last three pictures I found on Google, and I just love how a pop of blue can make an outfit, whether in small doses on accessories or all over on a monochromatic look.



  1. I love the Kenzo looks! Ive been obsessed with blue for 2 years now. In fact am wearing blue right now and have so many blue garmets that i've forbidden myself from buying blue now

  2. the bag in the first kenzo image is AMAZING!
    i'm not usually one to buy blue, apart from denim, i may have to invest!

  3. love these photos so much. thanks for sharing :) xx