Monday, February 6, 2012


dud, noun: a thing that fails to work properly, an ineffectual (lacking 
the abilities to cope with a role or situation) person; clothing.

Aka me in school.

I borrowed my friends awesomely furry goat vest today to add that little *something* that my outfit of a meager band t-shirt, yellow skirt from Forever 21 and combat boots needed. I saw Vampire Weekend two years ago at Radio City with three of my friends and it was one of the funnest concert experiences I've had, and not just because there were two men sitting in front of us trying to act slick for their hired dates. 
Speaking of slick, Leetal and I are planning something small and hopefully chortle inducing for when we reach 50 followers! We're suuupa psyched, so get excited.

Have a good Tuesday tomorrow everyone!

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  1. LMAO Such a sweet post!!