Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Keep Out

If you're wondering what my hand is doing in the first picture, I honestly cannot tell you. 
However, peculiar hand gestures aside, this is probably one of my favorite posted outfits thus far, because it's of my ideal school outfit-
 Maxi skirt, check. Green Urban Outfitters jacket layered on top of three other layers, check. Converse, check. Just the right amount of jewelry, check. Low-cut shirt that only I can get away with because I am less endowed than most, check!

Jacket: Urban Outfitters (Similar here and here), black cardigan: H&M, hoodie: American Apparel (here), 
white tank: Goodwill (or try this), wrap skirt: Free People (some friendly alternatives here and here),
  cuff: Free People (this one is muy nice), shoes: Converse (can't find them online anymore, but the look can easily be accomplished with a pair of high tops and gold spray paint)

My "Keep Out" sign taped to the bathroom door proved to not be very effective...

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  1. Teehee was that Leetal trying to get in?