Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Early Morning

I finally got to wear my Wangs out!

Just a disclaimer about them, yes- they are very high, and yes- they are challenging to walk in, and YES- I did get strange looks from a couple walking with their baby carriage who were probably thinking about what bad parental supervision I have to be allowed to own stilts.

But that's O.K., if you like something them you should wear it. 
Don't let your decisions be swayed by others opinions of you and you'll find that there is one less stress in your life.

 (Dress (worn as a shirt): H&M, pants: Zara, heels: Alexander Wang)

It wasn't actually that early when these pictures were taken, but being awake before midday on a weekend (these pictures were taken on my birthday) when you haven't slept properly in days  is a pretty big deal.

(Hoodie: American Apparel, cardigan: little sisters, jacket: Urban Outfitters)

Tired face= case and point.

- Rebecca

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