Thursday, December 1, 2011

Style Icon: Emmanuelle Alt

 I love her. Seriously.

She has a career any fashion-lover would wish for, her style appears perfected to a T, and if you've read any interviews with her you would feel that she was an all-around chill person with the type of personality you'd want to be around.

Her outfits are simple, but not common.
To me, Emmanuelle's style does not seem at all fussy- she scores the perfect balance in what she wears so that she achieves a  low maintenance look that only appears high maintenance. Also notable, you can see she doesn't just wear an iten once and throw it away- something everyone can admire in a fashionista.

“Emmanuelle has an unaffected way to be feminine, she doesn’t wear makeup, wears little jewelry, hasn’t had surgery. She reflects how Frenchwomen are feeling—simplicity is the state we all want to be in. We are tired of useless sophistication.” -Bruni-Sarkozy.


Whenever I am feeling incapable of being creative, I simplify. The way I present myself, what I eat, what I am involved with- anything having to do with my lifestyle always seems to improve after a little shedding of the excess and breaking down to the bare necessities. 
Emmanuelle is the perfect style icon to turn to If I've forgotten how to take off my extra 7 layers, and make the 2-3 that I'm wearing work.

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- Rebecca

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  1. I've never seen so many of her outfits together. It must be so easy to dress well when you've worked out your uniform!...