Friday, December 9, 2011

Pictures with Captions

On Thanksgiving Day (before my and Leetals encounter with aliens) my friend Sarah and I went out for a few hours to work up our appetites before our feast. We took a lot of pictures...

...and I took the liberty of captioning them.

 Typical Blogger Mural Pic (1)

 Typical Blogger Mural Pic (2)

Davids Garden

Voodoo in a Telephone

Roles Reversed- Meet the Photographer.
Ooh ooh, no wait- "Photographer as Muse"

One-Point Perspective with Me as the Vanishing Point

Smirky Face (?)

Cat Attack

The Closest You're Going to Get to an Actual Outfit Picture

(Sweater: XXI. jacket: Urban Outfitters, tights: Target, sneakers: Converse, all accessories: gifts,
cross body: vintage, scarf: Pashmina)

Falling Out of a Time Warp

We Are SO Artsy Because This is a Picture of the Cement Ground

Rugrat in Front of a Blue Wall

Tired in Front of a Blue Wall

I See the Light in Front of a Blue Wall

Checking to See if I Did in Fact Step in Puke in Front of a Blue Wall

Santa's a Month Early (not in front of a Blue Wall)

Hope you enjoyed!



  1. You're so dang clever!!!

  2. hahahaa, that was fantastic
    37.4 points for you!