Wednesday, November 23, 2011


(dress: H&M, belt: found it in my room, shoes: Forever 21,  jewelry: Mom's)

Foolproof fallback plan over the summer was always heading into Soho. Beside the fact that there are endless stores to discover, it is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE for me not to get lost! Why is it that it's o.k. for Soho to completely derail the chart system used for Manhattan?! I WANT NUMBERS NOT NAMES!

Anyways, I have absolutely no idea who the woman above is, but who wouldn't want their picture with her?
She was QUITE affable and her stand had very cool jewelry. If you manage to find her, check it.

(jacket (draped over bag): Topshop, bag: gift from my aunt, scarf: mom's)

I'm pretty sure the paintings above are meant to convey loss, insecurity but confidence, looking to the future for a better life for their children in this country, the life-long struggle to find your better half, morbid cynicism, but still hopeful that world peace can be attained.

Finishing off with the best kind of graffiti (the kind that you have no chance of getting).

- Rebecca

p.s. Can this still count as a daily post if I haven't gone to sleep yet?



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