Thursday, November 3, 2011

OOTD 11/3/11 and quality time spent with a staircase embellished with bird poop

(jacket: Urban Outfitters, plaid shirt: borrowed, shirt: Free People (or as I like to say, Eff People),
dress (worn underneath): American Apparel, skirt: little sisters', socks: Free People, shoes: Forever 21)

Eyelids still functional? Check. 

(hand-back: Marc by Marc Jacobs)

I promise my next post won't have pictures that are so obviously taken at school. It's just that, it's so thrilling to ditch class to find abondened places in order to take pictures!

... Just kidding. I panic at the thought of missing anything important. Just kidding, I'm not that much of a nerd. Just kidding, I am, but I'm not a nerd- I'm a KNERD!

 (necklace: birthday gift, ring on (my) left hand: street fair, ring on right hand: Moms, pen: Staples)

In case anyone was curious, my hair is just in a fishtail braid that I (more or less) kept together entirely with bobby pins (no ponytail required!)

 Tip of the day: pull down your skirt and close your legs when your picture is being taken.

(Pictures taken by Ruthie Solomon)



  1. sooo cute. omg where can i get that pen from? its sooo adorbs
    xxx hgoodies94. pls respond ur my idol!
    lol, no but seriously pear, this is my fav post so far :)

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