Monday, November 14, 2011

Vintage Chanel Scarves: Part I

Once upon a time there was a girl, who had an older sister, who liked to excavate through her mothers' old things. 
Well, one day (two weeks ago) this older sister- let's call her Ray- was doing her usual rummaging when 
she found 

Brimming with excitement like a cup of fluid at a water cooler convention, 
she ran to her younger sister- we'll call her Shay- to share her great finds!
Shay, seeing these scarves, straightaway thought of her two friends Rebecca and Leetal, and their new blog darndailyduds
As fast as her two opposable thumbs could type, she shot over a text with the gracious offer of letting the two use these new-found scarves in a post on darndailyduds

This is that post.

(shirt: Brandy  Melville, jeans: BDG)

Way to Wear #1
Tie to your bag for a subtle pop of color and to get another texture and flow involved for some visual interest.

(briefcase: flea market, scarf: vintage Chanel)


(necklace: gift,

bracelets: mom's,

heels: Jeffery Campbell)

Way to Wear #2
Impromptu headscarf!

(photo credits: as usual, Ruthie Solomon)

- Rebecca
p.s. Stay tuned for Leetal's part two tomorrow!
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