Tuesday, November 1, 2011

OOTD 11/1/11:

Sorry for the fuzzy pic chaos, we have yet to establish a set style and camera for our pictures and right now we're kind of just stumbling through whatever we can get.

Due to the fact that it freaking SNOWED IN OCTOBER, it's been a little cold. So once again lets count through how many layers I'm wearing, peel style!

(1. paisley scarf- Pashmina, 2. jacket: Urban Outfitters, 3. hoodie: American Apparel, 4. blue scarf- Pashmina, 5. orange sweater- XXI, 6. open cardigan- Unknown, 7. black shirt- XXI, 8. maxi dress- Unknown, 9. yoga pants- Aerie, 10. fleece tights- Target, 11. socks- Target, 12. boots- Minnetonka, 13. fingerless gloves- Unknown)

What do you think of the gif? I wanted to try experimenting with this style of picture posting and tonight seemed like a good night to. Is this something worth pursuing and trying to finesse, or should we just quit while we're ahead?

The final pile of chaos. Pushed it to the side when I was done.


P.S. Super sorry about how sporadic our posting has been. Like I said, it snowed. But we're not talking a nice, pleasant, winter-wonderland snow,  but havoc-wrecking, tree-falling, blackout inducing snow. 
Accept my virtual baked goods as a virtual symbol of our gratefulness for your eyeballs scanning through the one and a half pages of our infant of a blog?


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