Monday, November 7, 2011

today is the seventh of november.

Ever have on of those days that never ends, and when it finally does it just leads into another?
Well, that's what this week is going be like for us. 
Please bear with us as our posts will quite possibly be half-assed and/or not fashion related.
Like today's!

I was really looking forward to my post for today, but unfortunately there was never any time to take pictures, and when there was time there was no one to TAKE the pictures- so, I'm improvising.

An interest of mine that not many people actually know about is architecture. So, I thought that tonight i would go on the website I usually go on when I want to see new, cool and innovative architecture pictures, 
and stumbled across this:


"The "Microbial Home" is a revolutionary new take at home design and the appliances within. The designers behind this concept say that they wanted to view the home as a biological machine to filter, process, and recycle what we conventionally think of as waste."

If you're interested in reading more about this, click the link above.


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