Monday, January 16, 2012

Horse Rider

As I promised you, here is an outfit post although I know it is not much. Things have been hectic in school with vacation coming up and I'm so tired I am having trouble staying awake as we speak. I had to of course sneak in my favorite pose, the look-down-at-your-shoes pose, which came in handy in trying to hide my under-eye bags from you. Today was one of the coldest winter days yet and I was not prepared, as we have been very spoiled with fifty degree weather until this week. I posted the same top half of this outfit a while ago (shh don't tell) but just added my beat up boots to stay warm. I kind of felt like a preppy horse rider in this outfit, something I've always dreamed of doing but never got the chance to do. Maybe I'll get to take a horse-ride along the shore when I down to Florida in 6 DAYS!


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