Friday, January 20, 2012

Warehouse Sale


From the top: The Tres Weirdos- doing our thang, lessons in layering, getting upskirted, and quintessential me layering things that should not (cannot) be layered just so that I can wear my green jacket.

(Jacket: Urban Outfitters, flannel: Uniqlo, red sweater: The Garment District rummage pile, 
dress (underneath): H&M, leggings: Topshop, socks: Target, 
boots: Minnetonka, scarf: Uniqlo, crossbody: Vintage)

A few pictures from my second day of vacation at the American Apparel warehouse sale.
Honestly, I was a little disappointed when I got there a half hour after it opened and the place was empty. I had spent the whole night before strategizing with the other dos weirdos how we were going to find clothes (pounce, elbow, scream, and grab anything and everything in our size), what we would do if someone took something we wanted (yank her/his weave), and how we were going to change without dressing rooms (human curtain), but all of our planning was for naught! Everything was nicely put on hangers, most things were available in every size, and the four other people there were for some reason not interested in tricot dresses and leather skirts...
If you were interested in going, I definitely advise you get there before it's over (31st of January). Some things are still pretty expensive, but I left with 7 things all for less than $20 each if you averaged how much I spent; so really you've got nothing to lose and clothing to gain!

post script-
Spotted: Big Bird en Vogue. 

In short, the coat is a sure-fire conversation starter.

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