Friday, January 13, 2012

Week of the Green Jacket: Days 4, 5, and pictures galore!

 (Hand on the hip means I can totally take charge in ruining your business endeavors.)

(First outfit- jacket: Urban Outfitters, shirt: Urban Outfitters, skirt: Hardtail, 
boots: Asos, bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs Handback)

(Second outfit- dress: H&M, boots: Minnetonka)

(Banging my head against the keyboard because the sizes and resolution of all of these pictures are drastically different).

Spontaneous camera attack in the library, crashing after a ridiculously long day slash typical yawning picture, 15 (ok maybe 20) minute bell bangles, tears of frustration slash sleep deprivation slash slavery, and then some more of the same.
The past two days consisted of a lot of screaming at people (in my head), stabbing myself with needles, consoling hugs, bitter remarks, snarky remarks, shut up's, heart-attack prompting take-out, snarky comments, stealing, calling people putzes (in my head), calling people putzes (to their faces), and all around good cheer!

Vacation for us is so close I can almost taste the morning breath I'm going to get upon awaking from a comatose state after the first day. I promise posts will be more regular and there will be less verbal abuse once school's out.


post script-
Gonna go take some Advil now from my head-to-keyboard-banging induced headache now.

post post script-
I promise I'm not conceited, I just thought it would be best to put all of these pictures into one post... and I think I'm the cats meow.

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