Tuesday, January 17, 2012

False Impressions

(Jacket:  Urban Outfitters, shirt: Brandy  Melville, jeans: BDG, 
scarf: Pashmina, wedges: Alexander Wang Constance, crossbody bag: vintage)

Lies. These pictures are just a cover-up for my not-so-pleasant reality.

I am not, in fact, out in an urban landscape on a somewhat sunny day, staring admirably at my Wangs, but actually at home moaning about how I am dying and probably in the greatest state of misery that I've been in since the last time I was sick,
3 months ago.
My basement smells like doody, my dehumidifier smells like rot, I picked up my old habit of watching Korean shows on Hulu, and I'm also whining even though I said I wouldn't do that once vacation started. 
I'm also saying "I" and "me" a lot, and there isn't any of that in The Duds.
These pictures are from my birthday weekend, a time of happy things such as green jackets, Constance wedges, and free cupcakes. 
Gotta go, it's hard to read subtitles while writing a post and I'm not nearly as fluent in Korean as I'd like to be.
post script-
Recognize this mural?

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